Updating a dataset in vb net Free dirty chat and picture swap

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Updating a dataset in vb net

I then have two datagrids one with the items and one with the bound to the relationship this allows only the records associated with the itm to be displayed in the datagrid, I then run a loop that changes to sequence number for each corresponding record,this all works fine but then I go to update the back end database. The update from the dataadapter executes successfully, but then if I reload the dataset from the database back end I find that the update did not actually update the records on the back end. I'm just the beginner, now i've got some problem in my task. If you post your code I could show you what needs to be changed, if necessary.I'm also using the newscroller Javascript as same as the above I want to update my XML file (News.xml) using VB. I have managed to create XML like this :- .the result, the newscroller Javascript will not load the updated values (testing one) above. if you guys do not follow the problems, later i will post the VB. Robert, I looked through the tutorials behind the link you supplied. NET/XML stuff but I didn't find anything close enough to be the answer to the original question asked.

For example, the Sql Data Adapter performs the following tasks when filling a Data Set with data: In between the Fill and Update operations, data source connections are closed and you are free to read and write data with the Data Set as you need.To change an existing row's data, you can directly assign a row's value.To save data to the data source, you need to call the Data Adapter's Update method.For example, if you call Delete on a row on the Data Set, then when Update is called on the Data Adapter, the Delete Command of the Data Adapter will be called using the particular row in the Data Set.Note: Keep in mind that this Update is different than a SQL UPDATE statement.

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The way the architecture works with the Data Adapter is that you can make any changes you want to the filled Data Set, and it won't affect the database until you call the Update method.