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Poems on dating

perhaps this is the saddest thing in the world.” 6.

The majority of the Odes date to the Western Zhou period (1046–771 BC).

As I set out on this experiment, I had only one goal: to reduce the number of missed connections I had on Tinder.

For whatever reason, first impressions matter a great deal, and having a bad first message is often the epistolary iceberg that sinks your romantic Titanic. Name poems can be funny, romantic, or personalized (Alaskan? They only take a few minutes to create, and if you think long and hard enough you can always come up with something clever.

Pulling on my background in the email newsletter business (and what a great and respectable business that is! — hoping to increase, by the slimmest of margins, the response rates to my emails, I decided to use the same tactics to turn my Tinder matches into actual Tinder flames.

) where I spent hours agonizing over the smallest details — ought I use an em dash? Like you, assuming that you, dear reader, are among our lonely gaggle, a fellow dweller in the cellar of online courtship, I have always been somewhat disappointed by Tinder and apps of its ilk.

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visual album released on HBO, and you heard some of her poetry being read by Queen B, herself.

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