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How long have james roday and maggie lawson been dating

closed its doors for good after an eight-season run on USA with a fitting finale that focused on the backbone of the show: the friendship between Shawn Spencer (James Roday) and Burton Guster (Dule Hill). I just can't help thinking that the only problem you really had this whole time is me.With Gus landing a stellar corporate job and Juliet (Maggie Lawson) starting anew in San Francisco, would Shawn finally grow up? And I've kept you from the life that you deserve, the life that you've earned, the life you'd have if I hadn't barged into your office eight years ago and said, ' We're gonna play detective -- whether you want to or not.' I love you man." STORY: USA's ' Psych' to End After Eight Seasons Viewers also met the mysterious Officer Dobson, who has been referenced all series long but never shown.Projects from Shonda Rhimes, Vince Gilligan, Bruno Heller, Tina Fey and Greg Berlanti highlight the comedy and drama offerings for the five broadcast networks as pilot and casting season gets underway.

In the end, though, Shawn said goodbye to Gus and his friends at the Santa Barbara Police Department in his own way: via video messages. Chief Lassiter: Confirmation that his initial suspicion that Shawn was a fake psychic was correct. After having a mental breakdown, quitting his "perfect" job and getting pepper-sprayed by a co-worker (in addition to second-guessing himself a dozen times), Gus couldn't bear to spend another second without his Shawn, dropping by the same crime scene Juliet was leading to make his feelings known to his best friend: "I am an adventurer now with a friendship for the ages and if I have to live in another city to make that happen then so be it, that's the way it's gotta be." Shawn: It took eight years, but the newly engaged Shawn Spencer finally grew up -- at least a little.(Note: Not included are limited/event and miniseries or other projects earmarked for the summer.) * Designates casting has been completed.the project centers on British transplant Alfie Wickers (Whitehall), an unorthodox teacher in the San Diego public school system who loves his students, but his naive enthusiasm and unconventional methods put him at odds with the test-obsessed administrators.Juliet: After finding the exact crime scene she was investigating in San Francisco, Shawn went down on one knee and popped the question, asking for Juliet's hand in marriage (Gus included, of course). With Juliet in the backseat of the stolen student driver's car from the high school, Shawn and Gus "sped off" after the man who snatched Juliet's engagement ring out from under their noses. The Hell on Wheels actor Anson Mount, 43, still can bet several young stars when it comes to the looks.

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The series stars James Roday as Shawn Spencer, a young crime consultant for the Santa Barbara Police Department whose "heightened observational skills" and impressive detective instincts allow him to convince people that he solves cases with psychic abilities.

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