Dating a college student

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Dating a college student

The Center for Military and Veterans Education serves military-related students. The staff and advisors at the CMVE – most of whom are veterans or military spouses – will help you with admission needs and financial concerns.

University officials can take proactive steps to address conduct, perhaps prevent conduct from continuing or escalating, and/or to assist the recipient of the conduct.The table below identifies personnel to contact for information and consultation.47.2 Reporting to Law Enforcement Individuals have the option of notifying law enforcement authorities including university police and local police.Law enforcement is able to assist individuals understand the process of obtaining protective orders, bond conditions and any other safety precautions to take.And many students come to TCC as the first in their family to attend college. Learn more about our student services, and how we can help you succeed.

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Students can find one-on-one tutoring in campus Learning Assistance Centers.