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I want to start this article by warning all marijuana growers and people who have marijuana to sell or share to be wary of people who put “I want 420” ads in the personals section on Craigslist.

Even in states where marijuana is legal, you often see advertisements geared towards finding marijuana on craigslist.

Craigslist is like Mc Donald's; incredibly well-known and popular, but not exactly the best option available to you.

Rather than rely on the clunky search engine to find your next home, Curbed compiled six options that work faster, easier, and truer.

They also say they are "modest." "Yes, those sensations you're feeling are your ovaries dancing to the new Rihanna single," the post says. Here's what you need to join these studs at one of New York's hottest restaurants, a celebrity hotspot where Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were recently spotted and everyone from George Lucas and Oprah to Donald Trump and Michael Caine have dined: You and your sister/bestie/Swedish cousin with liberated Scandinavian sexual views who's just in for the weekend should fit the following and send photos with your reply and personal statement. Height: All altitudes welcome, but bonus points will be awarded to 5'9 to 6'1.

Education: College educated, though honorary degrees will be awarded to models/actresses/pop stars.

If you think Curbed missed any essential online real estate tools, be sure to shout out your suggestions in the comments."All personal details about us are true." He also says they've gotten a couple responses, though Craigslist doesn't necessarily "attract the discerning Polo Bar date-ee.Karlie closs has yet to reply...[sic]" See the full copy of the letter below, and go here for the Craigslist post.Before jumping into the top six real estate search engines, it's good to know why Craigslist isn't that great.To put it simply, you have to rely solely on how much information each seller gives you.

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Some of these ads are from females who seem to be hinting you’ll get laid if you get the girl high.

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