Boltini champaign speed dating

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Before you’re even eating, you’re pooped and in the hole .

So, when you find a place that has the feel of date night but still provides an atmosphere conducive to children, it’s a huge win and great addition to your family’s restaurant repertoire.

For a few months Watson’s Shack & Rail has occupied the old Boltini Lounge at 211 N. There is limited street parking here, but ample parking is available at the Hill Street Parking Deck or in the parking lot east of the Virginia Theater. It was super loud in there as happy hour was in full swing, but the outside seating provided a perfect mix of moderate background noise and visual interest. They use the term “fine-casual” which is a perfect descriptor.

This lot is just a short walk through the alley beside the restaurant. I’ve been to places downtown before that didn’t even have high chairs or booster seats, so I was happy to see both when I checked in at the host stand. Then our waitress brought a kids cup and coloring supplies. The prices and ambiance fall just in between fast and fine dining.

I'm amazed at our various volunteers and supporters, ranging from ages 3 to 80.

I’ve slowly been making the rounds on the downtown Champaign circuit.

There are many new places—none of which I’ve found appropriate for a toddler.

There’s a 24 hour fitness center on the premises so you don’t have to venture out to Madison Avenue unless you want to.

Salon Millesime is downstairs at The Carlton Hotel and it’s one of the most unusual spots to hit Manhattan in awhile.

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It was a nice night and I was worried there would be a big-time wait since the restaurant does not take reservations. The food, however, is anything but middle of the road.